1. The general amount of monoglyceride in ACR (acrylate copolymer) impact modifier is 5-30PHR, and the typical amount is 10-20PHR.

2. Monoglyceride can be used as an excellent internal lubricant and plasticizer modifier in the processing and production of UPVC injection pipe fittings (PVC drainage pipes), making the surface of the pipe smooth, bright and non-blooming. The typical dosage is 0.5-3PHR, typical Dosage is 1-2PHR

3. Monoglyceride is also an indispensable lubricant in the preparation of composite lead salt heat stabilizers. When used with stearic acid, it is necessary to reduce some stearic acid accordingly, which can increase thermal stability and reduce stearic acid. Precipitation can promote the plasticizing effect of PVC products, the internal and external lubrication is balanced, and the compatibility is further improved. Recommended dosage: 6-10PHR.

4. Monoglyceride can also be used as a dripping agent additive component of agricultural shed film, or as an Antistatic agent for PE, PP and other polyolefin plastics. Recommended dosage: 0.5-1PHR.