Product Name: Glycerol Monolaurate 90%(GML90)Cas No.:142-18-7

Appearance:white powder


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Product description: CAS No.: 142-18-7.Antibacterial, active against gram positive bacteria and able to inhibit growth of multiple strains of streptococci and delays exotoxin production. Its antibacterial effect not affected by pH, superior sorbic acid, benzoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester, been listed in the FDA's GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list.

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  • Product Name: Glycerol Monolaurate 90%(GML90)
  • CAS No.: 142-18-7
  • Other Names:E471,Monolaurin,glyceryl Monolaurate 90%,
  • 1,3-Dihydroxy-2-propanyl laurate 
    1,3-dihydroxypropan-2-yl dodecanoate
    1,3-Dihydroxypropan-2-yl laurate
  • MF: C15H30O4
  • EINECS No.: 3073328, 3073328
  • FEMA No.: E471,
  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
  • Type: Preservative,Emulsifiers,
  • Brand Name: Wellgochem
  • COLOR: pure white


The biggest advantage of GML is the"not preservatives,but more than preservatives".Its bacteriostatic effect will not change with the change of PH value suppose PH value is wihtin the scope of 4-8.Its antibacterial spectrum was wide,it has strong interaction in the common bacteria,fungi,yeast in food,and also can inhibit variety of viruses and protozoa.

GML also known as lauric acid monoglyceride (Glycerol Monolaurate, called GML). GML is synthesized by direct esterification of lauric acid and glycerin, the general appearance of the scaly or particulate oily, white or light yellow crystal. It is an excellent emulsifier, but also safe and efficient broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents, and the pH is not restricted under neutral or slightly alkaline conditions, there is still a good antibacterial effect

Application range:
Meat、flavoring、Bean products、flour products、Baked product、filling、Spicy food etc.
Dissolve dispersed evenly  in the hot water of 70 ~ 80℃ in advance or edible alcohol,then add in food ingredients, stir well.
Recommended dosage: 0.1~1.0g/kg.
Storage conditions: closed,dry,cool,places.
Shelf life: 18 Months.