Chemical name: N- [N- (3,3 dimethylbutyl) -L-α- aspartyl] -L-phenylalanine -1- methyl ester as a white crystalline powder containing about 4.5% water of crystallization, it is a functional sweetener. Has a pure sweet, sweet Concord, very close to aspartame, no bitterness and metallic taste often with the other high-intensity sweetener. Sweeter than sucrose s...

Use: 1. Confectionery food additives as emulsifiers add chocolate, margarine, ice cream, or as a surfactant used. 2. condensed milk, malted milk, cheese, instant whole milk powder, dairy products, monoglycerides its excellent emulsifier can be improved instant, to prevent sedimentation, agglomeration agglomeration, improve product quality....

Artificial sweeteners are perhaps one of the most pervasive and controversial food products on the market. They can be found in everything from diet sodas to low-calorie baked goods and sports drinks. There are currently six artificial sweeteners that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for general use as sweeteners after studying th...

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