1. Confectionery food additives as emulsifiers add chocolate, margarine, ice cream, or as a surfactant used.
2. condensed milk, malted milk, cheese, instant whole milk powder, dairy products, monoglycerides its excellent emulsifier can be improved instant, to prevent sedimentation, agglomeration agglomeration, improve product quality.
Monoglycerides are widely used food additives, enzymatic synthesis of high conversion efficiency, specific characteristics of a good, the key is to develop catalytic enzyme preparation, selection from soil to produce specific lipase strain through mutation breeding to obtain a higher yield of lipase enzyme producing bacteria.
Product performance and use
Good emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing effect:
Often appear in the food processing oil-water separation, emulsion stabilizers added to the mixed phase can form a uniform emulsion, avoid and prevent food, drink water separation, stratification, precipitation phenomena, improve product quality, extend shelf life.
Starch anti-aging effects:
Distilled monoglycerides can form complexes with protein and starch, starch insoluble complex prevents cold recrystallized amylose formed to prevent the aging of starch retrogradation, making bread, cakes, potato products and other starch-rich long time to keep food fresh and soft.
Almost all types of food emulsifiers currently used, compared to amylose complexing effect, complexation index largest distilled monoglycerides, about 92 large, and single and double ester composite index was only 28.
Improved fat crystallization:
Distilled monoglycerides can orient in oil surface, play control and stabilize crystallization of grease role, especially margarine, shortening and other oil products, can play to improve the plasticity and ductility to prevent delamination analysis of oil and so on.
distilled monoglycerides in the application and effectiveness of a variety of products processing
Instant drinks and food on the application:
Distilled monoglycerides was added to a solution containing fat and protein drinks (coconut milk, peanut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cocoa powder, milk crystals) can significantly improve the solubility and stability, prevent precipitation, separation, and has scenting coloring effect, monoglycerides good thermal stability, it is suitable for a variety of beverage production.
Application of ice cream on:
Distilled monoglycerides is to produce the best quality ice cream emulsifiers and stabilizers, can improve the dispersion of fat, fat particles uniformly fine; promoting the interaction of fat and protein; prevent and control the formation of thick ice, so smooth and delicate tissue ; improve product shape retention and storage stability; improved mouth-melt.
distilled monoglycerides in Ice Cream Dosage: 0.3% -0.5%.
Applications on oil products:
Used in margarine, butter, shortening, peanut butter, coconut sauce, oyster sauce and other products, you can adjust the crystallization grease, oil analysis to prevent delamination occurs, improve product quality; used in condensed milk, malted milk, cheese, instant whole fat milk and other dairy products, can improve the instant, to prevent precipitation of products, agglomeration agglomeration; but can also be applied to powder fat and oil products, such as coffee mate as emulsifiers.
Bakery products on the application:
Bread can promote rapid fermentation, increasing the volume of bread, dough improving organizational structure, to extend the shelf life of bread. Reference to the amount of 0.3%.
Candy, chocolate on the application:
Not only can sugar and fat raw material quickly and evenly mixed, nor the separated cooling; thereby preventing graining, grain and oil down phenomenon. But also to prevent products sticking teeth, adhesion and deformation and improve product moisture resistance.
Distilled monoglycerides to use and dosage:
Method One: Because the distilled monoglycerides soluble in oil, the distilled monoglycerides ester after mixing together with melted fat, and then feeding, this method is applicable to margarine, cakes oil products. For the purpose of emulsification distilled monoglycerides blended in the oil phase, therefore, emulsifiers anhydrous state as well.
Method 2: distilled monoglycerides powder and other raw material powder (such as flour, milk powder) directly mixed feeding, then made into a variety of products according to the law.
Method three: forming hydrates, and then feed use, follow these steps:
1. A portion of the distilled monoglycerides placed in a container, an electric furnace or other heating methods to   distilled monoglycerides heat melted liquid;
2. The inner parts of hot water about 70 ℃ 4-5 to join the high-speed blender or hand mixer, start the mixer, the hot intense agitation.
3. The melted liquid distilled monoglycerides (if good stirring device, can also be added directly to the beads or powder monoglyceride), are slowly added to the stirred hot water whipped mix, which can generate cream hydrates paste, cooled to room temperature and set aside.
Since the emulsifying effect of impact equipment, process materials, and many other factors, in order to more fully play   distilled monoglycerides role recommended to use three methods to use, the emulsifying effect is most ideal. This is because the   distilled monoglycerides made after hydrate crystal surface spray than a single   distilled monoglycerides powder surface is about 700 times bigger, is conducive to   distilled monoglycerides dispersed in an aqueous medium.
Dosage: The amount of 0.3% to 0.5% (by weight of the product formulation raw materials), if oil products, proteins and other ingredients are more easily emulsified or containing materials, you should increase the amount of   distilled monoglycerides to 1% -5% .

Monoglycerides containing 90% monoester and other di-, tri-esters (i.e. fats), emulsifying monoesters swelling effect, but on the contrary twenty-three transesterification, counteracts emulsification swelling effect, is the main component of the defoamer, so monoester content is higher, the less twenty-three ester, the less the amount of higher emulsification expansion efficiency, Our distilled monoglycerides content of up to 98%, and therefore cost-effective products. Our customers can request the production to meet the different needs.