Chemical name: N- [N- (3,3 dimethylbutyl) -L-α- aspartyl] -L-phenylalanine -1- methyl ester as a white crystalline powder containing about 4.5% water of crystallization, it is a functional sweetener. Has a pure sweet, sweet Concord, very close to aspartame, no bitterness and metallic taste often with the other high-intensity sweetener. Sweeter than sucrose sweet 7,000 to 13,000 times, Biesiba sweet 30 to 60 times. Energy value is almost zero. Transient stability can be maintained at high temperature conditions, the production of cake, after 450 0C temperature baking, there are still 85% neotame exist.

Chemical composition:
Neotame (Neotame) the chemical name: N- [N- (3,3- dimethylbutyl) -L-α- aspartyl] -L- phenylalanine 1-methyl ester.
Other names: N- [N- (3,3- dimethylbutyl) -L-Α- aspartyl] -L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester; N- [N- (3,3 - dimethylbutyl) -L-ALPHA- aspartyl] -L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
English name: neotame.
CAS No: 165450-17-9
CNS Number: 19.019
INS number: 961
Molecular formula: C20H30N2O5
Molecular Weight: 378.46
Properties: white crystalline powder
Moisture: containing about 4.5% water of crystallization
Melting point: 80.9-83.4 ℃
Specific rotation: -39.8 °.
Solubility: Neotame at room temperature (25 ℃) water solubility of 12.6 g / l, the solubility can fully meet the normal production needs.
Sweetness: sucrose is about 8000-12000 times, 40 times more than aspartame!
Note: Because neotame powder diameter is very small, in the process to avoid inhalation.
Neotame and aspartame sweetness similar to other no bitterness and aftertaste, neotame 8000-10000 times as sweet as sucrose, that is 5% of 8000 times as sweet as sucrose in 2% when up to 10,000 times the sweetness of sucrose. Neotame range for all types of food and drink, the amount required in production use in moderation. General Beverage 8-17mg / L, food 10-35mg / Kg.
As a functional sweetener (Functional Sweeteners), neotame no adverse effects on human health, the regulation or play a useful role in promoting. It has been proposed in the United States early in December 1998 as a food sweetener Neotame cryogenic applications. It was July 9, 2002 review by the US FDA food additive allows application in all food and beverage. EU on January 12, 2010 formally approved its application, its designated code E961. People's Republic of China Ministry of Health Bulletin No. 4 of 2003 also formally approved neotame for the new food additives for all kinds of food production.
Sweet and pure, fresh and natural, and it is similar to aspartame, but security is high;
Sweetness, is about 8,000 times that of sucrose, aspartame and other low costs than sweetness;
Nutrients contained in easily absorbed by the body;
Low energy or no energy available for human consumption, diabetes, without caries, can promote the proliferation of Bifidobacterium;
Does not cause tooth decay, blood sugar fluctuations, the sweetener of choice for health-food products.
Under acidic conditions, neotame and aspartame having substantially the same stability. At neutral PH range or transient conditions such as high temperature, neotame to Biasiba sweet much more stable, which greatly expanded its application areas, such as the application in bakery products.
Neotame under normal storage conditions, dry powder with excellent stability, but the stability in aqueous solution has some limitations, the effects of temperature, pH, time and other factors affected its stability, there will be some degree of sweetness drop, at room temperature at (25 ℃) stability in aqueous solution, roughly: PH3.0 half-life of 78 days; half PH4.0 when 156 days; half PH4.5 when 208 days; when the 150-day half-life PH5.0 ; PH5.5 half-life of 112 days. Best PH value of 4.5. In view of this, the use of Neotame if used in conjunction with sugar or other sweeteners, can improve its stability.
Sweet features:
Neotame has pure sweetness, in general or sugar-free drinks to replace some sweeteners neotame use, not only to obtain suitable sweetness and flavor of the product, Neotame is more characteristic of lower product cost.
The results show that in the beverage products, Neotame can replace 25% of the nutritive sweeteners or high intensity sweeteners can be kept close to the organoleptic properties.
Neotame has pure and sweet as sucrose, but there is rain after Neotame sweetness. Rely on intuition (tongue feel) assessment.
Neotame in the dry state, has excellent stability in powder form the finished product. In humidity conditions, the stability of neotame and PH value, temperature and time dependent. Neotame is suitable for batch production, the concentration of high temperature short time (HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation, the resulting final product Neotame has hardly changed.
Flavor extended:
In a particular application and flavor systems, Neotame can significantly extend and enhance the product's taste and aroma. Neotame in the actual application process, its amendments and certain characteristics of flavor, fragrance Product readjust the system and the amount or kind of sour agents. In the beverage powder, add Neotame can be reduced at least 20% of the amount of citric acid, without affecting the product's acidity.
A lot of research results show that neotame is suitable for all people, including children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and patients with diabetes, including. Neotame is no need to use special PKU patients showed. Neotame can quickly metabolism in the body. The main metabolic pathways by enzymes produced by the body to make methyl ester hydrolysis, the last generation skimmed Zealand sweet and methanol. Compared to ordinary foods if the amount of methanol juice, vegetables, and vegetable juices, neotame the decomposition minimal. For example, the methanol content of tomato juice containing neotame beverages than 200 times. Neotame can be completely eliminated from the body with the urine and feces, do not accumulate in the human body.
Quality Standard:
⒈ content: 97.0-102.0%
⒉ free dipeptide acid: ≤1.5%
⒊ Other related substances: ≤2.0%
⒋ Lead: ≤20ppm
⒌ Moisture: ≤5%
⒍ Residue on ignition: ≤0.2%
⒎ Specific rotation: -40.0 ° ~ + 43.4 °
Regulatory Status:
Neotame has been approved by regulatory agencies and the global number of countries use, including JECFA, the US FDA, and is currently in the review of other regulatory agencies around the world more and countries. Metabolism studies showed that adding neotame products without specifically identified benzene alanine.
Application Note:
1, used in the canned fruit
Reducing the overall proportion of syrup, reducing fruit floating phenomenon, no need to add more fruit. In GB2760, the only allowed to be used in canned products sweetener. Neotame in canned products during the heat treatment, showing good stability. Replace 40% -50% sucrose, reduce product cost. Product shelf life of 12-24 months. Flavor: Sweet orange, red bayberry, loquat, lychee, pineapple, longan. Recommendation sweetness Multiples: 6500-7000.
2. Application of Preserved Fruits
Neotame recommendations: ⑴ neotame in an amount (calculated relative to the sweetness of sucrose) about 30% of the total sweetness. Can and sugar, aspartame, stevioside, cyclamate and other sweeteners in combination. Neotame in multiples ⑵ plum used approximately 6500-7000 times, others not so high acidity of preserved fruits can be used more than 7500 times. ⑶ can be appropriate to reduce the amount of acid, if no additional acid may be possible to wash the fruit in the embryo when receded more acid to balance the sweet and sour ratio.
3, used in all kinds of drinks
⑴ carbonated drinks: Neotame cola carbonated beverages can last for 16 weeks. In line with the market's low-energy carbonated beverage shelf life. It is also used in lemonade.
⑵ non-carbonated drinks: Neotame can be used for hot filling lemon tea, solid powdered drinks, yogurt and other foods, and traits are very stable and good quality in these foods.
⑶ solid drinks: 30% of the proportion of partial replacement of sugar, without changing the original taste of the full sugar recipe on the basis of the cost can be reduced as much as possible; substituted formula aspartame, the label need not be marked phenylalanine; powder with sugar or other additives to 1-2% of the proportion of pre-mixing: Neotame tests showed that the concentrated premix can be properly dispersed and adsorbed on the surface of the carrier; solid beverage production, the first trace of premixed feed such as pigments, perfumes are very common, so the use of Neotame is just a very simple additional process; while mixing pigment and neotame can be visually observed in the premix in sugar, to ensure adequate mixing; mixing time must be fully guaranteed dispersed but time must be controlled to reduce the powder flying.
4, used in dairy beverages
Rich solids product itself, even with the possible loss of a small sweetener product consistency, but can be supplemented by dairy stabilizer; PH 4.0-4.5 neotame stability is the most suitable; neotame in the fermentation process relatively stable; partially replace sugar with neotame these products, reduce heat, while potentially increasing the nutritional value (milk replaces the volume of sucrose). The result is a healthier consumer goods.
Sweeteners recommendations ratio
Alternative 20-30%
Alternative 30-50%
Alternative Alternative 50-70% 100%
Neotame / acesulfame
Neotame / acesulfame
Aspartame / acesulfame / or Neotame Neotame / sucralose
100% 60% / 40% 40% / 60%
40% / 30% / 30% or 30% / 70%
5. Application of jelly
International minimum solid jelly-type substance requirement is & ge; 15, and often jelly sweetness to reach 18-22 sweetness, taste the best; therefore exceed that part of the Brix 15 Brix can be used to adjust the taste of sweeteners, for columns: use Neotame replace three sugar content, the actual usage is: 3 & divide; 8000 & times; 100% = 0.03755 (w / w); products taste sweet and pure, and can reduce the total cost of the product.
6, used in baked goods
Can & plusmn; 30% partially replace sugar, made from sugar products, lower costs; and sugar alcohols mixed use, made of sugar-free products, the concept of health; neotame presented satisfactory flavor and organizational characteristics in baked goods having good stability; filler: wheat bran, wheat fiber, maltitol, maltodextrin.
7, used in chewing gum
Application Method: In the original recipe, based on additional add neotame, recommended dosage: sugar-coated: 15ppm, the gum base: 40ppm
For the balance of costs can be reduced by 7-8% by weight of the chewing gum.
Application advantages: a longer delay of sweetness, which extend to meet the needs of sweetness. Product sweetness and mint flavor is associated, as long as the persistence of sweetness, mint flavor will continue to show the same time. Since neotame has enhanced flavor characteristics, you can reduce the amount of mint flavor chewing gum.
Add Method Recommendation: propylene glycol as a solvent - saturated solubility is 20%; glycerol as a solvent - saturated solubility is 10%; the powder with sugar or other additives to 1-2% of the pre-mixed than the column.
& Shy; & shy; Note: not recommended for direct use as a flavor solvent.
8, used in table-top sweeteners in
Neotame because no moisture absorption, low energy and is very suitable as a table-top sweeteners. The study shows that Neotame as a table top sweetener can store at least 156 weeks.
9. Application of starchy foods
In starchy foods add neotame can inhibit starch aging, extend the shelf life of food; add eggs, fish and other protein-rich foods while suppressing protein denaturation, keep food good taste.
10, used in the field of medicine
Neotame as a sweetener for use in medicine, just to play the role of taste modification does not affect the efficacy.
After a long time the sweet smell of medicine can mask the bitter taste or vitamins and other substances; the amount is small, it does not increase the volume of the tablet; for oral solution, compared to sucrose taste sharper.
11, used in toothpaste, cosmetics
Neotame is used as toothpaste and mouthwash sweetener can effectively keep cool characteristics of the product. Neotame also be used lipstick, lipstick and other cosmetics and bath emollient.
12, used in cigarette filters
Cigarette filters sweetness technical bottleneck is the sweetness duration was too short to maintain cigarette sucking the sweet, sweet characteristics neotame after a good solution to this problem.
13, used in animal feed
Effectively masking bitter saccharin, improving the palatability of feed.
Daily food consumption of livestock is a major factor in determining the growth rate of livestock, especially pigs, suckling pig feed intake, affecting livestock entire growth process, thereby improving the palatability of feed, to increase their daily intake to accelerate the growth rate of livestock.
Livestock, especially young pigs, piglets taste is more sensitive than humans.
Neotame following features can make up and improve feed sweetener: pure sweet taste, no bitter, astringent, and the smell of metal;
Long after the sweet saccharin can mask the bitter and metallic taste, to improve the taste characteristics of the feed, cover up the smell; and 14-24% saccharin synergies with 0.05-0.1% for low-grade feed additive amount to 0.15-0.25 % amount of feed for the mid-range to more than 0.3% for the amount of high-grade feed.
14, used in other products
With aspartame different, neotame can be used together with certain reducing sugars, such as glucose, fructose, lactose and the like.
Premixed edit
Neotame is required before use premixed with cyclamate, saccharin crystal fine particles or fine white sugar (300-400um) to 1-2% premix premix is then mixed with other dry ingredients. Neotame powder can be uniformly adsorbed on the particle surface cyclamate or saccharin. And enlargement of maltodextrin dry mixed: In addition Neotame adsorbed on the surface of the malt dextrin, maltodextrin also reduces the density of volume, but also physically trapping neotame. Spray Drying: neotame solution attached together in a surface of the carrier. To mix with hot carrier Neotame: Neotame will be partially melted and attached to the surface of the carrier