Product Name: Special Talc masterbatch for EPE foam

Product description: Talc masterbatch for polyethylene foam with good fluidity and no dust,

Product details

Product performance:
      Plastic masterbatch is a new type of special material for prorcessing polymer materials. Talc powder plastic masterbatch is a concentrate made of talc powder which is loaded into resin in excess of normal quantity. When making plastic products, talc powder is not necessary to be added, but talc powder plastic masterbatch can be added proportionally. 

    This kind of Talc masterbatch is specially used in EPE foam to replace talc powder, the carrier is LDPE and monoglyceride, it is added to the masterbatch to facilitate rapid dispersion of the masterbatch.             Compared with talc powder, it does not have dust pollution and is easy to mix with raw materials, thereby improving EPE foaming performance and reducing costs.

Recommended Usage: 5kg~8kg/ton base on EPE foam

Packing:25kgx1/Bag(Composite paper-plastic bag )
Shelf life:24 Month
Storage condition:Store in a cool,dry place